Revolution in cleaning

MAAZ can be used everywhere

Whoever cares about their private or business environment cleans with a cleaning product that is also clean; whether this is at home, in the shop, at the cafe, the office or even the factory. The revolutionary MAAZ is an all-purpose cleaner that, no matter where, deals with dirt and stains quickly and thoroughly. But more importantly: MAAZ does not contain any chemical substances. Thanks to its 100% natural ingredients and fully biodegradable raw materials, MAAZ protects both people and the environment.

Effective and ecological

This highly-concentrated agent is an effective all-in-one system that makes other cleaning products redundant. It also has an economical dosing system to prevent wastage. That's what we call sustainable cleaning. Cleaning your personal or business environment ... and keeping it healthy. Ecological MAAZ does it. Everywhere!

Company Profile - Schoonmaakbedrijf Alkanaany B.V

Since the new millennium, the Alkanaany cleaning company has provided professional services to individuals and business relations. For this last group, think of cleaning offices, hotels, hospitals, government buildings and industrial surroundings. Since its inception in 2000, the company has continuously grown, resulting in several hundred clients in the Randstad area. This is partially due to efficient, result- and service-oriented work.

Unique and all-round cleaning agent

The environment is also essential for the owner Mazin Alkanaany. Consequently, in 2012 he started researching to create a ‘truly clean’ and all-round agent for all imaginable cleaning activities. After four years of numerous laboratory and field tests, he could proudly introduce the unique cleaning agent MAAZ Clean Revolution. MAAZ protects the environment, eliminates the need for any other cleaners and reduces the cost of cleaning products. Just see where a ‘revolution’ can lead to.

11 reasons to use MAAZ

A true all-rounder

Cleans quickly and

Tackles even
stubborn stains

Is completely

Performs at home
as well as in your
business setting

Makes joints and seals
brilliantly clean

Returns colour to
carpet and parquet

Makes glass and
glass furniture
dazzlingly clean

Also works perfectly outside,
e.g. on facades and terraces

Makes other cleaning
products unnecessary


Is completely
biodegradable and
thus environmentally


MAAZ users have this to say

Store owner
“Our store floor is like it was 30 years ago!”
— Store owner
"You can use it everywhere and you don’t need any other products!"
— Housewife

MAAZ: Effective for every purpose

Now everything in 1 product!


Take a look and convince yourself


Yes, I want … MAAZ Clean Revolution

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